POLL: What Is Your Favorite Cocktail?

row of various colourfull alcoholic cocktails on a bar desk. Glasses of differen shapes.

What’s Your Drink of Choice? Vote Now in Our Ultimate Cocktail Showdown!

  • What is your favorite cocktail?

    • Cosmopolitan
    • Daiquiri
    • Gimlet
    • Manhattan
    • Negroni
    • Old Fashioned
    • Espresso Martini
    • Margarita
    • Mai Tai
    • Martini
    • Mojito
    • Tom Collins
    • Sex on the beach
    • Piña colada
    • Whiskey sour
    • White Russian
    • Gin fizz
    • Cuba libre
    • Sidecar
    • Aperol spritz
    • Tequila sunrise
    • Amaretto sour
    • Long island iced tea

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